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The Working Families Party Paying People to Post?

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  • The Working Families Party Paying People to Post?

    Is that why Ned Newhoaus, Steve Sessman and Kevin McKnea are posting nonstop on Facebook?

    The Working Families Party is behind all of this!!!

  • #2
    Yes McKenna is all over Facebook and Sezman is too, I believe you are correct!

    Ned is an Open Nassau/Long Island Activist Troll!!!

    Ask S. Abreiu, he knows the truth!


    • #3
      They are nothing more than paid activists. So is Bob Freir Tuck and Eva "My Bell" Persons


      • #4
        Ms. Pearson is running for Oyster Bay Supervisor in 2019 on the Democratic line. Part of the IDA deal.


        • #5
          Tony Mac pushing that idea on Kevin McKennas facebook page, the working families party and the long island activists behind all of this!